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Abigail Anderson
Residence Kansas, United States

Abigail Anderson is Taylor Swift's best friend. Taylor said during an interview with Oprah:

"But my best friend, Abigail, we met when I was 15. First day of school freshman year we sat next to each other in English. She wanted to be a swimmer and go off on a college scholarship for swimming and I wanted to be a singer. Now she's off at Kansas on a swimming scholarship and I'm singing."[1]

Abigail goes to college in Kansas at the University of Kansas. Taylor says that her favorite thing to do on her day off is to go visit her there.[2]

Music videos she has appeared inEdit

Abigail pictures to burn

Abigail and Taylor in Picture To Burn.

  • In Picture to Burn, she is with Taylor in a vehicle as Taylor spies on her ex-boyfriend.
  • In Fifteen, she is seen in the video as well as being mentioned in the song itself.
  • In Teardrops on My Guitar, she's in the school.
  • In 22, she is in the music video.

Home moviesEdit

Both Taylor and Abigail have their own YouTube channels showing home movies of the two of them together.[3] [4]


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