From her Beautiful Eyes (EP)


Your beautiful eyes
Stare right into my eyes
And sometimes
I think of you late at night
I don't know why
I want to be somewhere where you are
I want to be where...
You're here, your eyes are looking into mine
So baby, make me fly
My heart has never felt this way before
I'm looking through your
I'm looking through your eyes
I wake up, I'm alive
In only a little while... I cry
Cause you're my lullaby
So baby come hold me tight cause I - I
I want to be everything you need
I want to be where...
Repeat Chorus
Just as long as you're mine
I'll be you're everything tonight
Let me love you, kiss you
Oh baby let me miss you
Let me see your
Dream about
Dream about
Dream about your eyes
Eyes, eyes...beautiful eyes

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