CSI is one of Taylor Swift's favorite TV Shows. She also starred as main character, Haley Jones in it.


Taylor's CSI first appearance was lining up while raining.Then she remembered meeting a guy. They suddenly started a relationship but not for long. While Haley showed her facebook with so many mean messages. Haley thought it wasn't okay but the guy said it's fine. However, this started the fight. The guy missed Haley so much. However, Haley missed him too but a bit angry for the fight.Suddenly, Haley and her Stepmother argued. Haley said "I hate you" to her stepmother and stormed off. All of a sudden, the guy found Haley lying on the ground. The guy knew she was already dead and buried her. Haley's Stepmother proved that she was the one who accidently killed her. How she tried to scare Haley because of her hair color (Which was dyed dark brown). Haley turned to say "I hate you" again. However, she got stabbed. But Haley also came back to life. It turned out by her seeing picture on a rock. she picked the picture up. The flowers, who the guy gave to her faded and the stone turned dark. Haley did nothing but walked away.

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