During an interview with Hamish & Andy, Taylor Swift decided to improvise a song.


Taylor: ewww, Chaperone dads
Guy1: I mastered tambourine
Audience: laughter

Taylor: ewww, you just got off work, the last thing you do, want to do, is to go and listen to me talk about some breakup
Guy2: Chaperone dads
Taylor: you doing the right thing
Guy2: Chaperone dads
Taylor: remember when the tickets went on sale, your daughters 14th birthday, and you got two tickets, and she said can I have some more because my friends all want to go dad, you don't have to go, but you know you got to go and chaperone


Taylor Swift Featuring Hamish & Andy - Chaperone Dads00:54

Taylor Swift Featuring Hamish & Andy - Chaperone Dads

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