This is a list of Taylor Swift's family members.

Taylor Swift
Scott Swift
Andrea Swift
Austin Swift
Archie D. Swift, Jr.
Marjorie Finlay
Ts gallery 062 Swift, Scott Kingsley Finlay, Andrea Gardner Swift, Austin Swift, Archie Dean Jr Taylor Swift Grandmother

Other family members

Relation to Taylor
Scott Kingsley Swift
Andrea Gardner Finlay
Archie Dean Swift, Jr.
Archie was born on December 21, 1914 at Elk County General Hospital in Ridgway, Pennsylvania, a son of Archie Dean Swift and Bernice Maude Thompson. He married first to Barbara Newton Godley in New York City, but they divorced. Archie joined the United States Marine Corps May 3, 1938. He married secondly to Rose Baldi Douglas, on March 21, 1942 in Roxborough, Pennsylvania. They had three children, Archie III, Douglas, and Scott. Archie died on September 2, 1998 in Reading, Pennsylvania.
Rose Baldi (Douglas) Swift
Rose was born on July 30, 1920 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, a daughter of Charles Gwynn and Louise Eurindine (Baldi) Douglas. She married Archie Dean Swift, Jr. on Marhc 21, 1942 in Roxborough, Pennsylvania. She died in December of 1994 in Barnegat, New Jersey.
Robert Bruce Finlay
Robert was born on November 8, 1920 in Cleveland, Ohio, a son of Lance George and Eleanor (Meyer) Finlay. He served in the United States Military. He and his wife lived with Taylor and her family until his death on April 24, 2003 in Reading, Pennsylvania.
Marjorie (Moehlenkamp) Finlay
Taylor Swift and her Grandma

Marjorie was born on October 5, 1928 in Memphis, Tennessee, a daughter of Elmer and Cora Lee (Morrow) Moehlenkamp. She was an opera singer, which influenced Taylor into pursuing a career in music. She and her husband lived with Taylor and her family until her death on June 1, 2003 in Reading, Pennsylvania.

Archie Dean Swift III
Son of Archie and Rose Swift.
Douglas Baldi Swift
Son of Archie and Rose Swift.
Archie Dean Swift, Sr.
Great Grandfather
1877-1961; Bank President

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