A list of every interview Taylor Swift has ever done in magazines, radio, television, internet, or directly into your mind. Note: please make certain you are perfectly sane before submitting things in the last category. We all know she has telepathic powers, as women that amazing often do, but not every dream you have is sent by her.

If there is an official website to link to, please do so.

Magazine interviews

Disney Dreaming



Marie Claire



Rolling Stone

Seventeen magazine

Women's Health magazine

Total Girl Philippines magazine

  • April 2009 issue
  • November 2011 issue, to discuss her album Speak Now
  • March 2012 issue, to discuss her new film The Lorax

MTV magazine

Billboard magazine

Cosmopolitan magazine

Radio interviews

Television interviews

Internet interviews and information


Daily Mail

Digital Spy


3 News


YouTube interviews with her

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