Taylor Swift (album)

Deluxe version

Beautiful Eyes (album)

Fearless (album)

Platinum Edition



  1. Welcome To New York (Lyrics)
  2. Blank Space (Lyrics)
  3. Style (Lyrics)
  4. Out of the Woods (Lyrics)
  5. All You Had to Do Was Stay (Lyrics)
  6. Shake it Off (Lyrics)
  7. I Wish You Would (Lyrics)
  8. Bad Blood (Lyrics)
  9. Wildest Dreams (Lyrics)
  10. How You Get The Girl (Lyrics)
  11. This Love (Lyrics)
  12. I Know Places (Lyrics)
  13. Clean (Lyrics)

Bonus Songs:

  1. Wonderland (Lyrics)
  2. You Are In Love (Lyrics)
  3. New Romantics (Lyrics)

Other Songs

The Hunger Games soundtrack

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