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This is a list of social causes Taylor Swift is affiliated with.

Social causes

  1. She helped pass a law to help keep children safe from online predators.
  2. In 2008 she gave Iowa branch of the Red Cross $100,000 to help flood victims.
  3. In December of 2009 she gave $250,000 to education. [1]
  4. In May of 2010 she donated $500,000 to help Nashville flood victims and helped raise more than $1.7 million in a telethon.[2]
  5. Taylor Swift once joined forces with Selena Gomez to help save the cats and dogs of Puerto Rico.[3]
  6. She became a bestselling musician without degrading herself, becoming a great role model to inspire others everywhere.
  7. In 2016 she donated a million dollars to help Louisiana flood victims.



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