Stay beautiful
From her first album, Taylor Swift.

Swift wrote this song about a boy that she liked but moved away so she would never get to tell him that she liked him, so she expressed it in a song at the school talent show. Similar to Teardrops On My Guitar in the fact that she mentions the boy's name, Cory, in the song. Many other music artists find Swift's courage to put a person's real name in a song is something that can be looked up to, and also makes the listener feel closer to her personal life.


Cory's eyes are like a jungle
He smiles, it's like the radio
He whispers songs into my window
In words nobody knows
There's pretty girls on every corner
That watch him as he's walking home
Saying, does he know
Will you ever know
You're beautiful
Every little piece love, don't you know
You're really gonna be someone, ask anyone
When you find everything you looked for
I hope your life leads you back to my door
Oh but if it don't, stay beautiful
Cory finds another way to be
The highlight of my day
I'm taking pictures in my mind
So I can save them for a rainy day
It's hard to make conversation
When he's taking my breath away
I should say, hey by the way
3747113653 b4ee07d5b7
If you and I are a story
That never gets told
If what you are is a daydream
I'll never get to hold, at least you'll know
You're beautiful every little piece love,
and don't you know your really gonna be someone ask anyone.
and when you find everything you looked for,
I hope your life leads you back to my front door.
oh but if it don't will you stay
beautiful beautiful beautiful
beautiful beautiful beautiful
la la la
Oh, oh oh oh,
oh but if it don't,
stay beautiful
stay beautiful
Na na na na na

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