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If you take the first 13 prime numbers and add them up, you get 238.
2+3+5+7+11+13+17+19+23+29+31+37+41 = 238

But check her name out. (The numbers represent the letter in the alphabet; A=1, B=2, etc.)
Taylor Alison Swift = (20+1+25+12+15+18) + (1+12+9+19+15+14) + (19+23+9+6+20) = 91+70+77 = 238.

Facts about 238 that relate to the number 13:
238 is the sum of the first 13 primes
238 is a 13-gonal number (the only non-trivial polygon for this number)
The largest square not exceeding 238 is 225 and 238-225=13
238 is the fifteenth number whose digits add up to 13, but the thirteenth number if all digits have to be different.

Often, people's names are written as [last name][first name][middle initial]. Taking her name
Swift Taylor A. = 77+91+1 = 169, \sqrt {169} =13

The number 444 is approximately 13.4078x10153 and 13x153=1989! That means 1989 divided by 13 is a whole number!

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