After "Sparks Fly" failed to reach the expectations intended for the song, everyone has been waiting for the next single from Speak Now. Recently several fan sites for Taylor Swift have recently found and published an image of a Twitter post saying that Taylor's manager has recently confirmed her next single to be "Enchanted"! Now, whether this is true or not is unknown, but after several rumors spreading that the next single was to be "Speak Now" were dismissed by some unknown sources, we could use some fresh new single news! Nothing has been confirmed yet, but the site that published the image is undergoing construction right now; this could be good news. So, what do you think about "Enchanted" being the next single? Is this good or bad? And please note, nothing has been confirmed yet! :)

It has also been rumored because this song is the theme song for her new fragrance, Wonderstruck! :) So, once again - what do you think about "Enchanted" being the next single? Good or bad! :) I want your opinion!

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