Taylor Swift my idol :)

Taylor is the most amazing person she always knows right from wrong when bad things happen in her life. she is a caring person and knows whats best for friends and family. I love being a fan of hers for a long time, I always wanted to meet her in person and go to one of her concerts or tours but never get too but I would really love to go too one and finally meet taylor. I never really met a famous person ever in my life and I know famous people get this a lot from there fans but I say I am really different from all of them I think I hope taylor herself sees this and says something back!! God has give us a amazing and incredible singer and actress, I can say she is one of my best friends even if I haven't met her just yet, it always felt like it that she was to me in my mind I thought that about her and me. I would love to take a picture with her and have a sign some things of my of her CDs and have her give me a teenshirt of hers and hang out with her for a day or two that would be so awesome!! :) Best feeling in the world!! :D <3

Love your biggest fan ever alive, Rachel Fitz from Waynesboro, Pennsylvania To: Taylor Swift Age: 19 I am!! <3 Follow me back on twitter @R_Fitz19 & on instagram @rachelafitz19 ??!! :)) @taylorswift13

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