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While in China town in Singapore (Taylor asks you not get confused although she is) Taylor and the gang find a store selling waving mechanical cats, which she calls mesmerizing.

First golden waving cat
I shall wave at you from the store shelf until you buy me. Then break two minutes later so you have to go buy another one.
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Gold cat and side cat waving to you
No, seriously. I'll last forever and keep on waving forever, in eternal greeting and happiness! Please, take me home with you! Mechanical pets are the best. Don't pee on carpet like real cats do.
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Two waving cats
White or gold, all mechanical cats wave together as one to greet our lovely tourist.
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The waving cats are credited with getting Taylor nominated
Taylor credits the mechanical waving cats for getting her nominated.
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YouTube interview

Taylor Swift commented on the waving cats during an interview with YouTube[1]. "What's better than a cat that's always waving?" she asked. "There is nothing better than that."

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